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NiwrianCreature - Hummingbirds

Release date

May 19, 2023


BD Pop/DigiNorth

A song where the living and beautiful are mixed with the dark and mechanical, sung by a voice that does not exist. That's how we can summarize NiwrianCreature's new single "Hummingbirds".

Behind NiwrianCreature is Niwrian Wegblad, 25 years old. Born in Gothenburg but almost completely raised in Luleå, where he started singing as a child and playing the piano as a 10-year-old. As a teenager, he began making his own songs, experimenting with his voice and other sounds, mixing soul and indie influences with layered moods and abstract sound collages. Already early on, his music had a skinless intimacy and a completely stepless dynamic, where the powerful and the fragile always went hand in hand.

"I was inspired by James Blake and Portishead - the contrast between the natural and the machine," says Niwrian. “Especially in this song. A lot of the sound is sampled car engines, birds chirping, and my own voice, but distorted, hollow, like a hiss.”

The voice that no longer exists, then. Shortly after the song's recording, Niwrian began his testosterone treatment, but did not want to pause the release while waiting for the voice to reshape.

"The text is steeped in metaphors, but is about friendship with bad intentions. The purely physical anxiety when people you trust don't want you well. It is the voice of the person who experienced the text, so it is only reasonable that it is heard on the recording.”

Niwrian's first foray into the national spotlight was on Idol 2022, when his soulful, sensitive performance impressed judges and audiences alike. But Niwrian felt early on that it was the wrong forum, and that he wanted to do something more personal and daring.

"Hummingbirds" is written and produced by NiwrianCreature, co-produced by Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström and Rebecka Digervall. Mix and master are handled by Axel Jonsson Stridbeck and Hoffe Stannow for Cosmos Mastering.

"Hummingbirds" is published in collaboration with BD Pop/DigiNorth and Stora Trumman PR.

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